Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog’s Best Friend: Dog Breeds that are Right for You

Knowing yourself, what makes you, you, is extremely important for your dog. Understanding your own behavior and why you do the things you do will enable your best buddy to… well… be your best buddy!

Sound a little complicated? Introspection usually is. But in this case, let’s keep it simple and look at a few of the basics.

Life style
I am... Active. I exercise daily; I’m always on the go. My dog will have to keep up. Maybe a high energy dog breed is best for you.

I am… Quiet. Relaxed evenings at home in a stress free environment enable me to never ‘harsh-my-mellow’. Maybe an alert but reserved dog requiring only moderate exercise is what you need.

My home
I am… A city dweller. Why wade into the suburbs when everything is within walking distance. Smaller dogs with little legs do better with apartment living.

I am… A full-fledged suburbanite. Room for the kids, a yard, and neighborhood parks give our family what we need. A dog that enjoys a run around the block and the energy of children will blend wonderfully with your family.

Just as understanding who we are, helps us help you. Understanding what makes you, you, matching yourself to the needs of your dog bring unconditional friendship, love and loyalty to its peak. Personalities, how and where we live all play a part in relating to our pets. They own us as much as we own them.

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