Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driving Mr. Gotham: Pet Road Trip!

With 'little' sis, Dorothy, at the wheel, Gotham relaxed for a business road trip to Palm Springs, CA.  Gotham and Dorothy had a few duties to attend to while conducting some Pet Concierge business.  

Gotham has approved an organic dog treats collection as well as a line of designer couture dog collars for ManKindDog which will all be available very soon!

By the way, if you happen to be traveling in the Palm Springs area, their official vistors website lists 55 pet friendly hotels, resorts and other places to stay.  If you're a dog owner, Palm Springs has you covered!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Pet Friendly Hotel Experience

We just spent a few days in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the El Dorado Hotel.  Since we were meeting with someone about new products to be offered by ManKindDog, we thought it only fitting that Gotham and his 'sister' Dorothy come along to give their input.  Our stay was fantastic!

Very pet friendly, the hotel provided more than enough amenities to keep us comfortable.  Gotham and li'l sis Dorothy were very comfortable.

Dorothy wasted no time kicking back and relaxing into the super soft pillows.  There was a one time $50.00 pet fee, but as you can see, like some pet friendly hotels, there's no size limit on your dDog.  Gotham is a pretty big fella!

 And as for Gotham, well... Let's just say he knows how to enjoy the life of a very much loved dog!  He's one of a kind!

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, NM feel free to bring your dogs.  The El Dorado Hotel will see to it that you and your special guests are well treated!

As for ManKindDog, keep an eye on our website to see what new products Gotham and Dorothy approved during our trip!

A Paw-ful Place to Play: Innovative Dog Parks

There’s nothing like spending a day outside with our dogs. Large dogs, small dogs and all dogs in between love getting out for a stretch walk and run! Well structured dog parks make spending time with our pets even more fun.

There are over 1,000 designated dog parks throughout the US and Canada alone! Finding a place to take your pup isn’t really that hard. But, if you need help finding one that’s just right for your dog here are a few helpful resources: DogParkUSA , DogPark , PawNations 5-Paw Dog Parks and HauteDogs

More and more parks have become innovative in their amenities, offering more than just a bit of grass and a trail or two. Dog parks have become focus destinations and with features like these…

Agility courses
Swimming pools, ponds and lakes
Designated doggie beach areas
Self serve as well as full service dog wash facilities
Weather shelters
Fully fenced off-leash areas as well as completely fenced off-leash parks
On site doggie daycare and boarding services
Poop bag waste stations
Human facilities such as wheelchair access, full lighting, benches, tables, picnic areas, restrooms

…a day at the park is so much more than it used to be!

From public to private parks, the amenities are becoming more varied and unique. Along with improved amenities also comes attention to park rules and regulations. Some designated dog parks require entrance or annual use fees. Other parks have designated large and small dog areas, treat and food restrictions and aggressive dog restrictions. Be sure to check specific park regulations before your visit!

Even a short day at the park requires the proper supplies. Come prepared with a Man Kind Dog Dog Dish Assortment. It’s got everything you need to make your day at the dog park a great one!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hug Your Dog And Keep Spike In Your Thoughts

It's unpleasant... nay... crushing to think that the pets who give us such unconditional love and devotion are subject to cruelty.  Our dogs, pets of all species for that matter, deserve no less from us than what they freely give.

We love following the articles on ForTheLoveoftheDogBlog and appreciate Andrea for taking the time to give Spike The Bulldog a voice.

Spike the bulldog, beaten by his owner Maria Aguilar with a shovel, continues his recovery at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in Manhattan. Almost 100 people have emailed and called…
Animal Abuse – Time to Draw the Line –

Visit their blog and be sure to keep up with us.  You can follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, join our Fan Page and as always, feel free to visit us at our home... ManKindDog

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dog Tweets!

Bet you never thought there’d be any truth to that phrase, huh? My Dog Tweets. Really? And does your cat moo?

Social media is giving a voice not only to humans, but to animals as well. More and more people are giving a voice to their dog a voice via Twitter. We’re all in tune with what’s going on in the minds of our dogs so why not share it?

Want to know what’s happening in the mind of a Saint Bernard? Check out @Fredadog
What are the thoughts of a cuddly little Bichon? Find out @KatieBichon
Or how about Daisy and Gretchen, 2 German Short Hairs? Take a peek @germanshorthair

Dogs are the only ones tweeting about… well… dogs… There are a big handful of humans pitching in as well!
Victoria Stilwell of It’s Me Or The Dog @ItsMeOrTheDog
K9 Magazine @K9Magazine
Cesar Millan the one and only Dog Whisperer @cesarmillan
Man Kind Dog (yes, even us!) @mankinddog

The fact of the matter is there are simply too many to list here. Dogs and dog lovers are barking out 140 characters per tweet by the tens and hundreds of thousands! Bet you didn’t know your dog could tweet just as much as he could bark, huh!?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dog Training: Where do You Start?

It’s the million dollar question, right? The most common answer is, ‘at the beginning’. Sure, it’s great to start when they’re young, puppies. Establishing good dog behavior and engraining it as they grow is always optimum.

But… what do you do when your dog is already a year or two, or three, or more old? What if an older dog is new to your home? What if your life long pet is being introduced to new family members or a new environment? Things change and change creates starting points over and over again.

First and foremost decide what behavior you need or want to address. Whether breaking bad habits or establishing new ones, understanding what it is that’s to be achieved helps create a starting point.

Second, decide whether or not help is needed. Do you have the time, experience and understanding to establish a dog training routine? If you do, great. If you don’t, get help. OK… but now you need a dog trainer.

Finding a quality dog training professional isn’t really too hard to do. Sure there are some that are better than others, but the best come eagerly recommended by dog owners in your community. If friends and neighbors have no referrals, try the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, as a resource.

For additional informational resources check out our books on dogs. Sometimes the best starting point is between the covers on page 1.

Finding Dog Friendly Hotels

More and more of us are traveling with our dogs. Small, medium and large breeds are all finding their way across country as we travel locally and abroad. Many facilities are beginning to recognize the canine as a valued travel guest.

Upscale as well as casual lodging facilities from Hilton, Marriott, Embassy Suites to Holiday Inn, Best Western, Comfort and Quality Inns, hotels are welcoming their furry guests. While all have different pet policies, the welcome doesn’t end at just allowing them into your room. Amenities abound!

Many hotels offer everything from pet beds, food and water bowls, special doggie bags including waste bags, disinfectant, a special dog tag for travel, treats. Pet concierge services include complimentary leases, walking services, pet sitters and doggy day care, limo service to people/pet friend spas, even doggie massages! Come on, your dog deserves some well earned relaxation. It’s his vacation too!

So the next time you’re heading off to visit the in-laws, friends or just taking a road trip, check out pet friendly hotels to stop at along the way and at your destination. Resources like DogFriendly and TravelZoo are excellent for finding comfy accommodations. Are you skipping the road trip and launching your travels skyward? Check out PetAirways and get your pet from coast to coast, places in-between and beyond in their own jet powered coach!

Even though dogs travel a little lighter than we do, they still need a bag or two. But no worries, we’ve got that covered for you. Check out the signature MANKINDdog Travel Duffle today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weathering Seasons With Your Dog: Are Dog Clothes and Accessories Necessary?

Every season brings weather changes. Some changes are mild, some extreme. As weather changes come be wary of possible effects to your dog.

Just like you, your dogs feel changes in the weather. If you’re feeling the cold, heat, sun, rain or snow, so are they! Fur and hair (Poodles have hair, not fur! Did you know that?) , the coat your dog carries will have something to do with how they handle weather.

Your short coated dog may need a little extra warmth in the colder months and heavy coated dogs may need a shave during the heat of summer. But remember, that fuzzy coat doesn’t make them impervious to freezing cold nor burning sun. Even with breeds that are built for particular seasonal extremes, you still need to take caution. Certain dog clothes and accessories are made for more than just fashion.

Just like us, dogs loose heat through their extremities. In the winter their paw pads can get frost bitten. In the summer, their noses, ears, tails and even other body areas can get burned. The key is to watch your dog’s behavior for signs of discomfort and take appropriate action.

Thickly coated breeds may enjoy rolling about or even lounging in piles of snow. Watch for slower movements and carefully placed steps. Check for packed snow or ice between their toes and make sure those are cleared. Just like holding ice between your toes and fingers, that can get painful for your dog! Keeping fur neatly trimmed between their toes can help minimize frost bitten paws.

What dog doesn’t like taking a nap in the warmth of the afternoon sun? Watch to make sure your pet doesn’t snooze too long. A little doggy safe sunscreen on the nose ears and tails can help protect your sunbathing pooch.

For more information on weatherizing your pup visit ManKindDog Be sure to consult your family vet as well.

Dog Safety in Your Home

Home is where the heart is. It’s a safe place for us, our families and friends and our dogs. However, our dogs, being naturally curious, sometimes need our help with a little extra protection from what they perceive to be interactive dog toys.

Did you know there’s a pretty long list of every day household items that pose serious health risks to our 4 legged family members? Things we think nothing about having out, handy, even putting them in our mouths or giving to our children can cause serious issues for dogs. Here’s a short list to help you conduct a safety inventory for your pets.

Mouth wash – Contains Boric Acid

Mothballs – Contains naphthalane &/or para dichlorobenzene. (These chemicals convert from solid to a gas in mothballs which can be fatal if inhaled.)

Batteries – Contain sulfuric acid which can cause severe mouth and throat burns and even stomach lining ulceration!

Tylenol – Unlike aspirin, Tylenol contains acetaminophen. (Acetaminophen toxicity can be fatal to our dogs.)

Bleach, Dish & Laundry Soaps, Fabric Softeners, Dryer Sheets. Just as in humans, these items, if ingested by your dog can cause severe distress like violent vomiting.

Antifreeze – Contains Ethylene Glycol which is extremely toxic to both us and our dogs. Unfortunately, Antifreeze smells and tastes like a supreme treat to our dogs.

Chocolate – Contains theobromine, toxic to dogs. (The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains. It might surprise you to learn that some great dog treats contain white chocolate which is thought to be a safe and tasty substitute due to low or absent theobromine levels.)

If ingested, each of these items can cause immediate health risks in your dog up to and including death. Just be sure you keep items like these away from dog toys and dog accessories and out of harms’ way. For additional tips on keeping your home ‘Dog Safe’ visit the MANKINDdog Resources page and of course, consult your family vet.