Friday, December 17, 2010

Tasty Treats: Flavored Olive Oils

After the dogs are fed, it's time to treat yourself. We recommend Tubac Olive Oil Company's flavored olive oils! These are the finest products from around the world and promise to please the most discriminating palates. They are perfect for salads, pastas and pizza, chicken, grilled vegetables, or even seafood. It's absolutely amazing drizzled over cheese and everyone loves to dip a baguette in one of the incredible tasting oils. Some popular choices include the roasted garlic, Italian herb, and Persian lime! In choosing a balsamic, might we suggest mandarin orange, blueberry, or the always great 18 Year Traditional Balsamic.

All of the oils (and delightful balsamic vinegars) are wonderful and perfect with all types of cuisine. You'll have a hard time choosing! Why not indulge yourself and buy several bottles of both the oils and the vinegars, keep some for yourself and give the others as gifts! You'll love these and will look forward to ordering more when you run out! Bon Apetit!

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