Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learning Toys for Your Puppy & Adult Dog

Our dogs are amazing. Even the most stubborn and hard to train dogs are brilliant, eager and always learning. Toys allow puppies as well as adult dogs to build cognitive and motor skills as well as bond with their humans.

Did you know that different dog toys promote different learning experiences? It’s True! Dogs, old and young, develop a lot like we do. What they play with helps them learn…
Plush Toys: Teach comfort and familiarity as well as scent development. Plush toys, more than any other, absorb scents from the environment around them.

Balls & Fetch Toys: Promote motor skill development as your dog learns how to jump, run, kick, dig, pick up and move. Hide & Seek with fetch (or any toy type) is a great way for your dog to learn about their environment and develop cognitive searching skills.

Pull Toys: Rope or other tug toys promote social development through interactivity. This type of play also helps them learn bite-control.

Chew Toys: In addition to actually helping keep their teeth clean, chew toys teach your dog what is and isn’t OK to satisfy that oh so gratifying urge to gnaw!

Squeak Toys: Dogs learn to pick up on auditory queues and commands with squeak toys. Their hearing, like their sense of smell, is highly developed.

Whether the needs of your puppy are developmental or are focused on behavioral modification for your adult dog, the right dog toy for the job is important. In our Dog Gifts and Luxury Dog Products, we’ve taken care to provide a range of top-quality toys from balls and chews to pull and plush. Remember, playing hard is just as important as working hard for you and your dog.

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  1. Wow! it's a very good idea of make kids play with kids learning toy.It increases the creativity in a kid's thinking.