Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Help From MANKINDdog'!

Mother’s Day

Sunday May 9th is Mother’s Day. Being a Mom is all about loving those you care for. From managing our homes, careers, kids, dads and dogs, our Moms do it all.

Our Mom’s have so many children including their own as well as dogs and puppies that have been adopted along the way. This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to let Mom know how much your dogs and puppies appreciate all that she does for them too.

For Mother’s Day gifts from your family pups, visit MANKINDdog’. There you’ll find everything from specialized spa bags to oils and vinegars, candles to home décor, books, apparel and other fun and fresh gifts to choose from.

Don’t leave out the feelings of the special dogs in your Mom’s life this Mother’s Day. You’re sure to find something at MANKINDdog’ to let Mom know how much everyone in the family appreciates all she does!

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  1. Just wanted to check in and say thank you, thank you! I received my order yesterday and I'm delighted. The back pack is terrific, so many compartments, a place for everything. I love it. acm