Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weathering Seasons With Your Dog: Are Dog Clothes and Accessories Necessary?

Every season brings weather changes. Some changes are mild, some extreme. As weather changes come be wary of possible effects to your dog.

Just like you, your dogs feel changes in the weather. If you’re feeling the cold, heat, sun, rain or snow, so are they! Fur and hair (Poodles have hair, not fur! Did you know that?) , the coat your dog carries will have something to do with how they handle weather.

Your short coated dog may need a little extra warmth in the colder months and heavy coated dogs may need a shave during the heat of summer. But remember, that fuzzy coat doesn’t make them impervious to freezing cold nor burning sun. Even with breeds that are built for particular seasonal extremes, you still need to take caution. Certain dog clothes and accessories are made for more than just fashion.

Just like us, dogs loose heat through their extremities. In the winter their paw pads can get frost bitten. In the summer, their noses, ears, tails and even other body areas can get burned. The key is to watch your dog’s behavior for signs of discomfort and take appropriate action.

Thickly coated breeds may enjoy rolling about or even lounging in piles of snow. Watch for slower movements and carefully placed steps. Check for packed snow or ice between their toes and make sure those are cleared. Just like holding ice between your toes and fingers, that can get painful for your dog! Keeping fur neatly trimmed between their toes can help minimize frost bitten paws.

What dog doesn’t like taking a nap in the warmth of the afternoon sun? Watch to make sure your pet doesn’t snooze too long. A little doggy safe sunscreen on the nose ears and tails can help protect your sunbathing pooch.

For more information on weatherizing your pup visit ManKindDog Be sure to consult your family vet as well.

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