Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Pet Friendly Hotel Experience

We just spent a few days in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the El Dorado Hotel.  Since we were meeting with someone about new products to be offered by ManKindDog, we thought it only fitting that Gotham and his 'sister' Dorothy come along to give their input.  Our stay was fantastic!

Very pet friendly, the hotel provided more than enough amenities to keep us comfortable.  Gotham and li'l sis Dorothy were very comfortable.

Dorothy wasted no time kicking back and relaxing into the super soft pillows.  There was a one time $50.00 pet fee, but as you can see, like some pet friendly hotels, there's no size limit on your dDog.  Gotham is a pretty big fella!

 And as for Gotham, well... Let's just say he knows how to enjoy the life of a very much loved dog!  He's one of a kind!

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, NM feel free to bring your dogs.  The El Dorado Hotel will see to it that you and your special guests are well treated!

As for ManKindDog, keep an eye on our website to see what new products Gotham and Dorothy approved during our trip!


  1. There are just not enough dog friendly hotels out there. Its so great you found one in Santa Fe too. I'll have to add that to our list. (We're in Phoenix).

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