Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dog Tweets!

Bet you never thought there’d be any truth to that phrase, huh? My Dog Tweets. Really? And does your cat moo?

Social media is giving a voice not only to humans, but to animals as well. More and more people are giving a voice to their dog a voice via Twitter. We’re all in tune with what’s going on in the minds of our dogs so why not share it?

Want to know what’s happening in the mind of a Saint Bernard? Check out @Fredadog
What are the thoughts of a cuddly little Bichon? Find out @KatieBichon
Or how about Daisy and Gretchen, 2 German Short Hairs? Take a peek @germanshorthair

Dogs are the only ones tweeting about… well… dogs… There are a big handful of humans pitching in as well!
Victoria Stilwell of It’s Me Or The Dog @ItsMeOrTheDog
K9 Magazine @K9Magazine
Cesar Millan the one and only Dog Whisperer @cesarmillan
Man Kind Dog (yes, even us!) @mankinddog

The fact of the matter is there are simply too many to list here. Dogs and dog lovers are barking out 140 characters per tweet by the tens and hundreds of thousands! Bet you didn’t know your dog could tweet just as much as he could bark, huh!?

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